On a few occassions a bond made with JFC may fail.  Using feedback from end users we have identified 8 possible reasons why this may occur.  Please check these carefully and ensure that none apply to your situation.


 1. The pipe or the fitting was cleaned with something other than 60-grit emery cloth. DO NOT use a wire brush or any sanding material with a finer grit than 60. (The reason that 60-grit is necessary is that it cuts a deep groove into the copper which provides for up to 50% more bonding area. The increased bonding area increases the strength of the bond.)


2. The area to be bonded was not completely cleaned (sanded). (For example, when cleaning a pipe or fitting that was previously soldered, 100% of the solder must be removed as JFC will not bond to solder.)


3. The sanded area is wiped off with the hand or a cloth. (Wiping the sanded area leaves oil and film on the surface of the copper. JFC will not bond to oil or film.)


4. The sanded area is blown clean. (Two things happen when the sanded area is blown clean. (a) The copper dust, which is beneficial to the strength of the bond, is removed; and, (b) oil from the air compressor contaminates the pipe.)


5. JFC was not applied around the entire outer circumference of the pipe or the inner circumference of the fitting.


6. The fitting was not rotated 360º to properly spread JFC over the entire bonding area.


7. The bonded joint was moved after the 5 second period. Any movement, rotational or otherwise, after the 5 second period actually breaks the bond.


8. The fittings or the pipe is not round. Pipes that are cut with too much pressure develop a flat spot. Some fittings are not round.


When all bonding instructions are properly followed, a JFC bond will not leak and will last as long as the copper pipe and fitting.  If none of the above are relevant to your situation please consider whether there may have been any other factors that could have affected the bonded process.  For further advice please contact us and we will do our best to resolve your query.  Please ensure that your have the JFC bottle to hand (or the batch number shown on the bottle) together with details of where you purchased the product.

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