How does JUST-FOR-COPPER™ work?

JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold welding is accomplished by modifying polymer resins to generate a chemical reaction with copper that provides a hermetic weld that is water-tight and air-tight, without heat and solder.How does JUST-FOR-COPPER™ work?


If a JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold weld does leak, what are the most common reasons?

The only way a JUST-FOR-COPPER™ weld can leak is if the user misuses the product. The most common misuses are: A. Because the user does not use a 60-grit sandpaper provided, or equivalent, to clean the pipe and fitting before applying JUST-FOR-COPPER™. B. Because the user moves the weld after the 3 to 4-seconds bonding time and before 40-seconds have lapsed. C. Because the user tries to take the weld apart to correct a mistake. D. Because the weld (joint) is exposed to high heat of 120ºC (240ºF) or above. E. Because the copper pipe or fitting is not perfectly round (damaged or deformed) leaving a gap larger than 0.25mm.


What is the failure rate of JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold welds?

JUST-FOR-COPPER™ has been in commercial use since 1998. In millions of bonds, there has never been a single reported failure.


Can JUST-FOR-COPPER™ be used to repair a hole or crack in copper pipe or connectors or seal a leak in a heat soldered repair?

No! JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cannot be used to make any repairs to damaged or leaking copper pipes, fittings, or connectors. If there is a leak in a fitting, the fitting must be disconnected and properly prepared, then sealed with JUST- FOR-COPPER™. If there is a leak in a copper pipe, the damaged pipe must be cut away and replaced with new copper pipe using connectors and JUST- FOR-COPPER™ cold weld.


Can you use JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold weld on a joint that was previously heat soldered?

Yes, but you must completely clean the solder from the pipe and the fitting or connector.


Can copper pipes and connectors that are cold welded with JUST-FOR- COPPER™ be encased in building walls such as concrete?

Yes! You can encase copper pipes and connectors cold welded with JUST-FOR-COPPER™ in concrete, polyurethane, and other types of building walls. Note, refer to appropraite guidelines regarding copper pipes and concrete.


Can JUST-FOR-COPPER™ be used to cold weld rigid copper pipes in private homes?

Yes! JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is formulated to be used in all applications of welding rigid copper pipe to connectors and fittings, and has been used in private residences, hotels, shopping malls, industrial buildings, and apartment complexes.


Can JUST-FOR-COPPER™ be used on copper threads?

No! JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cannot be used on any threaded connectors.


What is the working time of JUST-FOR-COPPER™?

JUST-FOR-COPPER™ will not start to set, until the treated copper pipe is inserted into a treated copper connector or fitting. JUST-FOR-COPPER™ sets up in 3 to 4 -seconds after inserting the copper pipe into the copper fitting or connector. After 10-seconds, you cannot pull apart the bond with your hands. After 40 seconds you cannot pull apart the bond with tools. JUST-FOR- COPPER will withstand 200 psi after 7 minutes.


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