Can JUST-FOR-COPPER™ be used to cold weld materials or metals other than copper?

No! JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is formulated for use on rigid copper and copper alloy pipe and copper and brass fittings or connectors only.


What is the temperature rating of a JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold weld?

When cured, JUST-FOR-COPPER™ will retain its bond from temperatures ranging from a low of -40C to a high of 118C.


How much water, or gas pressure, will JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold welds withstand?

JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold welds have been tested in excess of 1,000 pounds per square inch (psi). However, to permit a proper safety rating, JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is officially rated at 500 psi.


Can you use JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold weld on coiled copper pipe?

No! JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold weld is not a “gap filling” bonding agent. Coiled copper pipe is not perfectly round when uncoiled and cut. JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold-weld will fill a maximum space of 0.25mm between pipe and connector. The area between a properly prepared and undamaged (sanded) connector and rigid copper pipe is much less than 0.25mm.


Will JUST-FOR-COPPER™ leave a taste in the water?

No! JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is odourless and tasteless.


How many welds will a bottle of JUST-FOR-COPPER™ make?

Using a ½-inch / 15mm copper pipe as an example, the 10g bottle of JUST-FOR-COPPER™ will make approximately 40 welds. The 50g bottle will make in excess of 200 welds.


What is the elasticity of JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold weld after cure?

JUST-FOR-COPPER™ behaves like a mono-element in the joint. When cured, JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold weld’s elasticity is the same as the copper pipe and connector as the environment changes.


Can JUST-FOR-COPPER™ be used to bond copper pipe that is used to carry pure oxygen, like in hospitals and nursing homes?

No! JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is an anaerobic product that cures in the absence of air (oxygen). The presence of pure oxygen could cause JUST-FOR- COPPER™ to react negatively.


Will JUST-FOR-COPPER™ catch fire if used around a heat source?

No! JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is non-flammable.


Will JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold welds hold when temperatures change over a wide temperature range?

JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold welds have been cycled from maximum cold (minus 60 degrees centigrade) to maximum hot (120 degrees centigrade) thousands of times in the laboratory and millions of times in actual applications, without a single failure.


What is the mechanical strength of a JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold weld?

JUST-FOR-COPPER™ has a safety rating of 380 pounds per square inch (psi). This is the mechanical pressure required to break the bond in accordance to ASTM D4541.


Can JUST-FOR-COPPER™ be used to cold weld white and red brass fittings and copper composition (pipe containing only a percentage of copper) rigid pipe?

Yes, JUST-FOR-COPPER™ solderless cold weld will weld brass fittings to copper pipe and copper composition pipe and maintain the same strength and technical standards of copper-to-copper welds.


Is JUST-FOR-COPPER™ safe to use with potable (drinking) water?

Yes! JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is non-toxic and has no odour or taste when cured. JUST FOR COPPER™ was formulated for potable water, as well as natural and LPG gas.


What is the chemical and solvent resistance of JUST-FOR-COPPER™?

When cured, JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is a durable polymer with outstanding chemical and environmental resistance.


What is the hardness of a JUST-FOR-COPPER™ cold weld after cure?

JUST-FOR-COPPER™ changes from liquid to a poly-acrylic solid when cured. The maximum strength is achieved when JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is between the joint formed by the connector and the pipe.


Is JUST-FOR-COPPER™ dangerous if it is accidentally ingested?

No! JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is non-toxic and will not harm anyone who accidentally ingests it. JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is safe to use around pets and children. Nevertheless, care should always be taken when handling any tools and chemicals in the vicinity of chlidren or pets.

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